About Us

OJV Store is the trading name of Christ Ambassadors Band International (CAB INT’L)

We strive to deliver the benefits of technology to individual and her communities. We aim to achieve this by partnering with local and international resources to deliver the optimal solution to our customers needs.

Our Mission: To make everyone live like a celebrity by bringing down celebrity commodities to a price affordable to ordinary person. That’s why we are called “OJV for celebrities” .Redefining online shopping experience in Nigerian to meet up acceptable global standards.

Our Vision : To be a reputable online store where celebrities can count on, Providing our customers with quality, efficient and effective products and services to be a network hub for marketing and other businesses

To be an online store where you can get almost everything you need in the world ranging from: Fashions, Cosmetics, Interior and exterior, Health and Food supplements, ebooks, domestic appliances, Furniture, Electronics, Computer, phones &  Gadgets,  Music, Show/Event tickets and bookings and so many more

That’s why we are called OJV for celebrities

We believe that technology is one of the best way to reach our development goals and empowering users through collaboration with businesses, organizations and government in delivering goods and services to serve human needs.

It is our aim to deliver, Reliable, cost effective and touching edge solutions to our customers.



OJV Stores